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About Us

My name is Louise Meyers. As the owner of Pryde’s Old Westport, I want to personally thank you for viewing our website and invite you to see a store like no other. Pryde’s is a second generation, family- owned gourmet, kitchen and housewares store located in the heart of Historic Westport in Kansas City, Missouri.

My parents, John and Connie Perucca, looking for a way to support their young family and their creative dreams, established Pryde’s (my mothers middle name) in 1968 just down the street from our current location. In 1972 this unique building became our new home.

Built as The Helen Thome’s school of dance in 1922, this historic three-story brick building has stories to tell! The original hardwood floors that were used for the ballet studio have the wonderful creaks and groans of a well-loved space.

With over 10,000 square feet of kitchen and home accessories Pryde’s has been referred to as “the hardware store for cooks!” (Architectural Digest 2004)

In 2001, I purchased the building and business from my father after working together with him for 27 years. (I started working here after school with my brothers and sisters when I was eight years old!) I have a wonderfully supportive husband and six beautiful children. My life is blessedly full.

At Pryde’s, our mission is to encourage people to cook with their families & friends to create a warm and loving home.

I’m passionate about giving back to the community, especially The Bishop Sullivan Center who runs the St. James Food Pantry. The Community Kitchen feeds 230 hungry people five nights a week and the two food pantries help over 1,100 families each month.

We offer on line a coupon donating a portion of your in-store purchase towards this very essential daily fight against hunger and poverty. ( For more information http://www.bishopsullivan.org/ )

Pryde’s is a haven for many people. I hear daily from old customers and new friends how they need a “Pryde’s Fix!” Pryde’s has a warmth and character that is hard to replicate. In this quickly-changing retail environment of contrived sameness, I’m so proud to own a business that gives the customer a variety of choices in a welcome atmosphere. We are always happy to help you.

I invite you to explore the heart of where Kansas City began as the gateway to the West. Pryde’s is a treasure in my family that we wish to share with you. Please stop by and enjoy a cup of Pryde’s Special Blend coffee or tea and make your own discovery.

Shop local, shop Pryde’s!

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